Forex Trading Lessons For Beginners Series

We help you get straight to the point in Trading

Decisivetrade’s Forex Trading Lessons For Beginners series comprises of 6 blocks that is at the forefront of our trading methodolgy and system that cuts out the confusion and helps you focus on finding trading setups in the Forex Market

6 Fundamentals for Forex Trading

Market Structure

  1. Support and Resistance levels
  2. Different styles of trading: Position, Swing and Intraday 
  3. Market Correlations
  4. Technical Indicators

Multiple Timeframe Analysis

  1.  Selection of time frame
  2. Time Frames for intraday trading
  3. Time Frames for Swing Trading
  4. Time Frames for Position Trading

Trend Analysis

  1. Rules to Identify Trend 
  2. Using Trend Lines
  3. Gauging Momentum
  4. Price Action Analysis
  5. Trading with the trend 

Trade Entries and Exits

  1. Setting up trade
  2. Risk Management 
  3. Determine Risk to Reward Ratio
  4. Trade Execution

Trade Management

  1. Locking in Profits
  2. Scaling in and out of trades

Review And Analyze

  1. Construction of Trading Plan
  2. Trading Journal for keeping track
  3. Trade review and analysis